Bitwalking dollars Digital currency pays people to walk

t2A digital crypto-currency has launched that is generated by human movement.

Bitwalking dollars will be earned by walking, unlike other digital currencies such as Bitcoins that are “mined” by computers.

A phone application counts and verifies users’ steps, with walkers earning approximately 1 BW$ for about 10,000 steps (about five miles).

Initially, users will be given the chance to spend what they earn in an online store, or trade them for cash.

The founders of the project, Nissan Bahar and Franky Imbesi have attracted more than $10m (£6.6m) of initial funding from mainly Japanese investors to help launch the currency and create the bank that verifies steps and any transfers.

Japanese electronics giant Murata is working on a wearable wristband that will provide an alternative to carrying a smartphone and show how many BW$ the wearer has earned.

Shoe manufacturers are poised to accept the currency, and a UK high street bank is in talks to partner with the project at one of the UK’s biggest music festivals next year.

The founders have a track record in disruptive technology that could help developing nations as much as

Google streams apps to Android handsets

t1Google has started streaming apps to Android phones so people can use them even if they are not installed on a handset.

It said it had introduced the technology to help people get better results when they search.

Often, it said in a blogpost, the best answers to a query were found in an app rather than a web page.

Initially nine apps have been selected to work with the streaming system as it is tested.

Bad experience

Jennifer Lin, Google engineering manager, said the firm started indexing information found in apps two years ago to bolster its larger corpus of search data.

About 40% of searches done via Google now turn up content found in apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb or Pinterest, she said.

Until now, Google has only answered queries with information that is available both on the web and in apps. Now, however, it is starting to show results that are only found in apps.

One example of when these results would show up might be when someone is looking for hotels during a spur-of-the-moment trip to an unfamiliar city, wrote Ms Lin in the blog.

Google offers YouTube copyright support

t3YouTube owner Google says it will help fund up to $1m (£650,000) in legal fees for some content creators who have received copyright takedown notices.

It will step in if it feels their material is considered to be fair use.

However the firm admitted that only a handful of people have been chosen to benefit from this support.

Copyright holders are able to make requests to Google – or other sites – to take down content under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

However there are exceptions to the law, which vary around the world but can include the use of other material for the purposes of commentary and parody.

If a small portion of somebody else’s work is used in this context, or in news reporting or for teaching purposes in the US, it can be exempt from copyright legislation.

“We are offering legal support to a handful of videos that we believe represent clear fair uses which have been subject to DMCA takedowns,” wrote Fred von Lohmann, Google’s copyright legal director, in a blog post.

The firm will keep these videos online in the US and cover the

Resolve errors in your MS Office

UntitledFull with a line of works and the Microsoft Office is coming up with errors. This is something cannot be acceptable during the busy hours. It doesn’t matter whether you are using Office 2013 or 2016, if you are facing a trouble, MS Office customer support will guide you to fix the problem. MS office can come up with several technical and non technical errors to deal with. Sometimes inbuilt troubleshoot program cannot detect the problem or become failure to solve the problem. In that case you need expert guidance to make the thing right. As MS office integrated a long products line, the errors became larger in size with the diverse usage of the product.

Common error list

MS office users always face some common errors while using different office products. Some of them are:

  • Error while opening a file – It can happen if the file location has been changed or the drive space or it gets blocked due to the inbuilt security program.
  • Error while sending command to the program.
  • Corrupted Word file that can crash the MS Office – “This Word document

About Techno Stress

Perhaps one of the most unusual yet common stresses that most people have nowadays is the thing known as techno stress. Technology stress (techno stress) is a term which refers to the over exposure to different forms of technology.


You know that you are suffering from technology stress when you hear a cell phone ringing and you want to scream because it reminds you of too much work. People such as businessmen are more prone to this type of stress since even when they are in vacation they still bring their work with them or their work are still “haunting” them.

If you are suffering from this type of stress, do not worry since there are a lot of ways on how to relieve yourself from this and one way to do this is by trying to find time for rest. Over work is actually one of the most common reasons on why a lot of people are suffering from techno stress. With this reason, it is important that you balance work and time for yourself.

To help you fight techno stress, you will need to make your own “techno-rules”. In your “techno-rules” include

The Benefits of Choosing Canvas Printing to Create Lasting Memories

Canvas printing is an ideal way to share your treasured memories with family and friends. These prints make ideal gifts, but can also be used to adorn the walls in your home or office with pride.

There are numerous benefits to choosing canvas printing over a traditional photograph or painting. When you blow up a photograph to a larger size and frame it, it never provides you with the same crisp quality as the original. In fact physical photographs are going out of style with more people making use of digital photo frames and social media to share their precious memories, just another reason that canvas printing is such a beneficial way to share those memories and enjoy them now and moving forward.

The first benefit you will notice when it comes to canvas printing is the quality. These are always printed in the highest quality which provides you with a professional appearance which you can add to the walls in your home or office with complete confidence. There is nothing worse than showcasing a family portrait or a magical photograph from your last holiday, only to have it all blurred and not crisp and clear.

Further, you will find that a canvas

Buy Portable Power Bank for Iphone

The power bank for Iphone is a useful device which you can own if you happen to have an Apple Iphone device. This is a product that needs being charged on a regular basis and the power bank is something that can help you to do so quite frequently.

The power bank for the Iphone is widely available on the internet stores and you should make use of the search engines online in order to come across stores that deal in this product on a regular basis and that have a good reputation for doing so. You should always buy your power bank for Iphone from a store that has been in existence for about five years or so as there is a guarantee that this is a store which will give you value for your money.

The battery case for Iphone comes along with the purchase of the product and is a small and sleek device, not taking much too much space in the case in which it is going to be carried. Consequently taking it around is not a big deal. The battery case for the Iphone can be found on sale separately in the internet stores as well and

Why Should I Buy Ambrane Power Bank

A portable ambrane power bank is something that will get your marketing up all night. It will certainly boost your promotions to the next level.

Being able to learn more about promotional product especially about portable ambrane power bank is totally a genuine idea. Are you a marketer or a business owner? If this seems to interest you in anyway, then you better learn more about it today.

A portable Ambrane power bank is an enhanced way to deliver your brand to the millions of people who use smartphones and other mobile gadgets on their day to day lives. If you can just imagine how many people out there who uses smartphones and mobile devices, your mind will be blown! The thing is, there are millions of people using this device and you should know that there is only one downfall of these mobile devices – battery life.

With poor battery life, no matter what the specs of the product is, your clients will not be able to fully perform with it. They have limitations and this is what you want to avoid. Limitations are so hard and full of concern that you need to understand how it should be avoided for if

PTron Bluetooth Sport Smartwatch

PTron smartwatch is compatible with all major Android mobile phones and it can be used with the smartphones from Samsung, LG, HTC, HUAWEI, Lava, Xolo, and other Android based smartphones. It is quite easy to install as all you have to do is download and install the Sync software.

Smartwatches are following smartphones in popularity and also in terms of utility. These sport wristwatches are user-friendly and compatible with most of the smartphones available in the market. PTron Bluetooth Sport Smartwatch that comes with 1.56” TFT display is also the part of this latest trend.

This sport wristwatch has 1.3 M remote camera which would come handy whenever you want to click a picture in jiffy. Under You would find this sport smartwatch very useful as you can use it for all routine functions of phone like dial, talk, calculator, calendar, message view, recording, pedometer, Facebook, Twitter, call reminder, and many such functions.

Compatible with all major Android phones

PTron smartwatch is compatible with all major Android mobile phones and it can be used with the smartphones from Samsung, LG, HTC, HUAWEI, Lava, Xolo, and other Android based smartphones. It is quite easy to install as all you have to do is download and install the Sync software. The watch is easy to sync with phone via Bluetooth and once you have established the Sync between two devices, your watch is ready to use.

Features that you can look for

If buying this wristwatch for the first time, you need to look for certain key features and access to all major functions of the phones. New PTron Bluetooth Sport Smartwatch has most of the key features that you would want in your smartwatch. Some of these key features include;

  • Access to the camera including different features like image viewer, video recorder, sound recorder, and video player.
  • There is Anti-Lost feature that will protect your phone against theft or loss.
  • The organizer features like File Manager, Calendar, Alarm, Messages, Audio Player, BT Dialer, Calls Records, and Bluetooth are also the part of this sleek smartwatch.
  • When you call it sport smartwatch, you may find the features like Sedentary Reminder, Sleep MonitorFree Reprint Articles, and Pedometer too which will not let you deviate from your sports goal.

PTron smartwatch comes with various theme and security settings to personalize it for your sole use. The performance of this sport wristwatch is governed by 128M RAM and 64M ROM. The battery capacity is 380mAh which gives it good standby and browsing time.

Those looking for convenience and style in one gadget can give this watch a try as it comes in various colors and is quite pocket friendly as well.

Latest Iphone 6 Mobile Covers that you can buy

There are many ways that you can buy iphone 6 mobile covers, and if you’re confused on what type should I go with, let’s discuss some of the latest iphone 6 mobile covers. With advancement in digital technology and communication channels, the Smartphone is one of the marvelous innovations of the tech world.

A small device packing so much of punch in it; yes, it is one of the most sophisticated computing and communications device in the sleek digital space.

iPhone 6is the latest in the Apple Smartphone category has got more widely compatible global LTE coverage, an upgraded front-facing camera and slightly better battery life and the four-inch retina display feels small compared with most Android phones. Apple’s iPhone 6is a lower-cost alternative to the flagship iPhone 5S and comes in five different hues; green, blue, pink, yellow and white.

With iPhone having gone from black to white to colored, there is a huge choice of cases to choose from. Whether you fancy red, or go crazy over pink there are iPhone cases that can suit you. So why should you have a case for your smart iPhone 5C? Well you drop it in a crowded train being pushed around or it

Does Eonon GA5163F Android Car DVD Player will work with the Bose Stereo System in the Mazda 3

Many 2010-2013 Mazda owners have asked us that does Eonon GA5163F Mazda 3 Navigation will work with the Bose Stereo System in the Mazda 3?

Many 2010-2013 Mazda owners have asked us that does Eonon GA5163F Mazda 3 Navigation will work with the Bose Stereo System in the Mazda 3?

I would like to tell you that GA5163F Android Car DVD Player is not compatible with it at present. But we have some suggestions for you:

  1. You can modify the wiring harness like other Bose owners do (as per the installation video on our website, add RCA plugs and connect to the rear audio out ports of the unit. And most of the Bose system can be compatible with our units perfectly by modifying in this way.
  1. You can buy an adapter for it, and one of our customers has bought this and said it works well, you can have a try, but we cannot make 100% sure, since every car is different.

But many fans on mazda3forums said that “Not sure if it was covered but if you are having issues with the volume being too low with the BOSE Amp, check the “Factory Settings”. There are options to raise the volume level/gain of the different apps

How to Use Tempered Glass Screen Guard

As our mobile screens get bigger and fancier, the costs of fixing them are getting higher – and so is the need to protect them from potential damage.

Tempered glass screen guard has proved to protect our smartphone and other screens from damage, and come with shatterproof and scratch-proof qualities. In this quick and simple guide, we will walk you through the process of installing a tempered glass screen protector onto your phone.


  • Quick application
  • Fast and easy peel-off


  • Dust can be a problem
  • Possible air bubbles
  • Before You Start

First, make sure the screen protector you have is the right fit for your smartphone model. There are lots of screen protectors out there that have been made specifically a particular brand and screen size, like the ones below.

  1. Thoroughly clean your phone’s screen. Make sure there are no dust particles on the screen or around it. Dust can cause the protector not to stick to the screen and you may have to re-apply it. Some screen protectors will have the necessary cleaning materials in the package, so do check for them before getting started.
  2. After your Smartphone’s screen has been properly cleaned, take out the screen protector. Peel off the protective film.
  3. Place the screen protector on the phone

Are you Thinking of Buying Personalized Mobile Cover

It has a trendy look of overseas but quite affordable for Indian market. Not only for your brand new mobile, may it work as your mobile’s makeup artist. These are available for almost every existing mobile in India. So, if you are not a mobile savvy, then also you can go for a stylish makeover for your mobile. It has all the high profile and international looks to add and boost your style sense. So, show the world your persona with this personalized mobile cover.

There are innumerable digital shops available in Mumbai and other urban parts of India where personalization of the mobile covers gets done. You have to choose the skin or cover according to your mobile and customize it accordingly. These are available for iPhones too. As nowadays people are becoming more brand conscious, they are becoming more inclined to these high-end phones, and just to safeguard these expensive mobiles there are back cover for iphone 5 too. These are fashionable but don’t hamper the rich look of the product.

If you are planning for gifting, these can be exclusive gifts to present your near and dear one. In any occasion like birthday or anniversary or any other event,

Easy to Use Web Based School Management System Software

Tuition and School Management Software is the flagship product of SBS Consulting that is being successfully used by many schools and educational institutions in Singapore and abroad.

The educational institutes like schools and colleges in a similar fashion to all other organizations need to streamline their operations. It is the only way to maintain their efficiency and cost effectiveness. However, due to the restricted budgets they cannot hire extra hands to maintain and increase their standards. In such a situation, the web-based school management system software proves to be a great resource for them.

The school and tuition management system software helps them in increasing their returns on investment.

Web-based Tuition Management System Software

These internet-based tuition management systems allow the schools to maintain and improve communication between the teachers, parents, and the students in a cost effective manner.

These tools enable schools to capture and keep track of the student information securely. It allows them to maintain paperless office and ensures instantaneous retrieval of data at a moment’s notice. There is no manual searching for the needed files and data.

The success of school management system lies in the fact that they automate various day-to-day tasks of the schools. Their powerful search engines assist in

How to use Mobile Mirrorlink Function on Eonon Android Car DVD Player

Eonon is running Black November Sale with up to 30% OFF for Car DVD Players and extra surprise and cool gifts provided for you with limited quantity! A FRIDAY EVERY DAY for the whole November!

Create Mobile Mirrorlink Function is communicated by the Car Union in the car connectivity standard, Mobile Mirrorlink Function technology allows consumers to a compatible smartphone via a USB cable to connect to Android Car DVD Player to access specific music and map application program a more convenient and safer car experience. Similar AppRadio mode, MirrorLink now integrated into AppRadio receiver 3, and provides a vehicle-specific interface and connection with the smart phone manufacturers such as Samsung, Nokia and other Mobile Mirrorlink Function certified equipment.

Download the app (prices vary) to your compatible phone. Start the application provides a simple graphical interface, which is very suitable for use in the car, because it is easy to see at a glance, and easier to use.
Connect your phone to the receiver. This sometimes requires a special cable or interface. Start the application on your phone, and click on the receiver Mobile Mirrorlink Function source menu icon. Optimized auto mode menu will appear on the receiver’s screen.

Due to the popularity and use

How to Move Apple Mail Files to Outlook EML Flawlessly

If you want to switch Mailbox program to Outlook Express for Mac, then you must need a professional and fast way to convert one format to another format.

Want to switch from your Mailbox program to Outlook Express for Mac? Fundamentally, due to some reasons, many Apple Mail users are switching to Outlook Express client for Mac. Some need it due to switch to another OS X at different location, like at home or in office. Moreover, sometimes when the Apple Mail users need to exchange emails with Outlook Express client users etc. they need to switch between the email platforms. You might be having a different reason to move between the email programs, but certainly everyone needs to export Mac Mail to EML format.

Concerned about finding a smart way to export Mailbox?

All the needy users are usually concerned with finding a useful method assisting them absolutely to make a convenient switch over. Are you also on lookout for a professional way for Apple Mail export Mailbox? Find a precious solution to handle the transition. Read below for more information –

  • What you need? Definitely, everyone is expecting to discover a reliable and easy method that would also help in keeping your

Difficulties of Changing Words in Excel

MS Excel is an alternative of maintaining data in cutting edge world. This item has totally changed the association of data keeping. In like manner to its work it has been altered with latest and required components that make the work of forming both basic and pleasant.

Nevertheless, as incredible and horrible go as a securely attached unit there are a couple of drawbacks of this unique programming.

  • Absence of arranged qualities: Diversity here stands for the openness of MS Excel. When you make cures in MS Excel it just allows you to make in the record you are working. If you have to change words in various reports then you should take help of some find and supplant programming. Here you require a tool that can find & replace in excel quickly.
  • Designing options- Another awful sign of MS Excel. In case you wish to change the content style of the words then you should autonomously choose words for printed style modification. A fair chase and supplant instrument can be astoundingly beneficial at this stage.
  • Words saving: Presume that you have to utilize the changed words or supplanted words in not all that far off future. Things being what they are you don’t

Mobile Cases Extremely Useful And Superbly Stylish

Mobile cases have two primary uses. The mobile cases can be used to protect the phones and they can be used to add a dash of style to the phone.

The protection aspect is most certainly important because with the increase in smartphones price, it is important to give your phone the gift of protection.

Mobile cases act as a primary layer of the phone that takes on the first impact of a fall/scratch/dent or any other such elements that can ruin the phone. The mobile cases come in various materials, the most commonly used type of mobile case materail is silicon. The silicon mobile cases are lightweight, easy to carry, easy to put on the phone, easy to clean and come for a low price which makes them the perfect choice for those who are looking for low cost protection device.

There are also plastic mobile cases which come in shell shape, they protect the back of the phone from dents and scracthes, some of the plastic mobile covers may also protect the sides of the phone. The mobile cases in heavy metal are the most reliable when it comes to protection, the heavy metal covers can take on huge impact that

Creating Mobile Apps Using HTML5 Application Development

HTML5 is one amongst the foremost powerful and feature-rich tools to develop mobile in addition as web applications. Together with the existence of native mobile application tools that change mobile app developers to drill all the amendments in it, there are cross-platform tools in addition that may prove advantageous in several alternative ways that for development.

While android and iOS high the charts in the mobile app-building business, alternative native application-building operating systems like Blackberry, Windows et al are creating demanding efforts get their markets up. On the opposite facet, there are constant innovations and predictions relating to new methodologies that get the market.

HTML5 is that the main domain for many of the cross platform application development tools like Apache Cordova, Rhodes and plenty of others. The key to success of the HTML5 application development tool is that the quantity of flexibility that it offers the developer altogether cases as well as UI, development, exploitation scripts, and others. Some necessary reasons behind the ability of exploitation HTML5 in mobile applications are mentioned below.

1. Robust Features

With numerous domains of applications available in the market, it’s necessary for developers to stay to one utility with multiple options. HTML5 depicts the proper platform to launch

Fix Hotmail Related Issues With Efficient Technical Services

“Need of emailing services had increased to a great extent and keeps on increasing with the addition of new features into it. Here, in this content, we are mainly focusing on the Hotmail and additionally, we will also talk about the issues related to this email service”

Hotmail has become one of the leading email services which are widely used all across the world for their personal as well as professionals purposes. It is not only an email service provider but comes under the notice of the people with bundle of its features which include task manager, messenger, storage, and calendar that has helped its users to manage all their tasks in an easy way. Moreover, its interface is very good looking and simple where users can save all their mails to the SkyDrive without occupying lots of space available in the inbox. Still, like other platforms, it comes up with various technical glitches which can’t be figure out by the users itself.

These technical glitches can easily be amended by the hotmail itself. They are capable of providing instant solutions and can help users regarding any types of issues. You can instantly restore or delete your hotmail account, resolve problems of